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October 4, 2023, 12:50 pm

Must Have Chrome Extensions in 2022

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Must Have Chrome Extensions in 2019
Must Have Chrome Extensions in 2019

If You are using chrome browser than these are the must have chrome extensions in 2019 for you. thsese are the best chrome extensions according to all tyepes of user importance. so lets see the best and must have chrome extensions below.

1. Awsome Screen Shot:

If you want to take a snapshot of any parts of internet than this is the best tool ever. you can take any specific parts as image or pdf of any web pages. you can also take the whole website snapshot. in this addons there is option also to edit your snapshot. you can write or highlight any parts on the imgae you taken as snapshot. if you are a regular internet user you will feel the importance of this snapshot.

2. Google Translate And Dictionary:

If you are working with multiliguaal content than this will help you to translate your content easily. hopefully we all are using at least 2 language. one is mother language and one is official language. in some region mother language and official langualge can be same. but it helps a lot.

3. Ginger Grammar Correction Addons:

Ginger is now one of the most popular addons. because it can automatically correct your grammar. and helps to develop your writing skills. so, ginger is one of the must have addons for you.

4. LastPass:

In todays world we are creating lots of account on the internet. and we also need to use a password for the safety of that account. if we are using the same password in all places. than may be there is chance of being hacked by the cyber attacker. so, you should maintain a highly secured passwod manager for your all account safety. and laspass this addons will help you to that. so, lastpass is a must have chrome extensions.

5. Https Everywhere:

https everywhere is also one of the best security addons that will helps you to identify and notify you about the site security status you are visiting.

6. Avast Online Security:

Avast online security is another best addons for safe and malware free internet browsing. although it may slow down your browsing speed but it is very much effective addons for the professional.

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