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Must Have Android Apps in 2022 । Android And IOS। TipsForWorld
October 4, 2023, 1:11 pm

Must Have Android Apps in 2022

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must have android apps in 2019
must have android apps in 2019

If you dont have this essential android apps than here is the list of must have android apps in 2019 is listed below. these are all very important for your everyday life.

1 Google Drive:

Google Drive is now on of the most important cloud storage apps. you can store your all the academic and important documents on this drive. you will fill the importance of this drive when you need to submit your CV or academic certificate anywhere but you dont have those hard copy with you. google drive is most trusted and secured storage on the internet.

2 Google Maps:

Just imagine you are in a new place where you dont have any idea about road or place name. in that situation this google maps will be your best friend. google maps will help you to know the each and every details about the place. you can see the map of road. even you can watch the real street view via 360 degree images.

3. Youtube:

For Fun or Entertainment watching movie or listening song whatever you want in today’s world there are no alternative of YouTube. so, Youtube is a must apps in 2019. now in almost every phone YouTube installed by default. but, unfortunately if you dont have. than download it now.

4. TikTok:

TikTok was previously named as musically is now the hot and trending apps in 2019. we believe that in 2019 TikTok will be the one of the most demanding apps. and millions of user will join tiktok in 2019. tiktok is basically an apps which is created also for the purpose of entertainment. we can say that its a new way of entertainment.

5. Whats app:

Whats App for messaging and other business and personal communication whats app is now the leading messaging apps. so, this is also a must have android apps in 2019.

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