How to Upgrade a Laptop Processor। Is That Possible to Upgrade A Laptop Processor?

How to Upgrade a Laptop Processor। Is That Possible to Upgrade A Laptop Processor?

If You Want to Know How to Upgrade a Laptop Processor than this article is for you. here we will discuss the possibility of your laptop upgradation. generally upgradation of laptop depends on what model and branded laptop you are using. because you cannot ugrade all types of laptop for sure.

To Upgrade Your Laptop You Should follow the following steps below:

Step 1:

Check the Product Manufacturer Website or Manual:

Before taking any steps check your product manufacturer online or offline manual specified for your model. try to find out that is your model is capable for upgradation or not. you will probably get the answer of this question. if your laptop is capable for upgradation than check the details how much and which parts you can upgrade. look for is there any restriction by device are applied for your model or not.

Step 2:

If you are not sure than open your laptop manually on the back side. use appropriate screw to open your laptop. first of all look for the following parts of your laptop mentioned below are soldered or replacable.

A. Processor

Generally in Almost 90% Laptop CPU or Processor in todays world market are non replacable. so, that there is a higher chance that you will get a soldered in laptop processor or CPU. if you are really want to change your laptop processor in near future than make sure that you are purchasing a replacable or portable Laptop CPU. if you find a laptop processor that is replacable than make sure that you are replacing a compitable processor.

B. Ram

Laptop ram are easily changable. you will find almost all laptop model that allows you to change or upgrade you laptop ram. in that case you also have to replace or upgrade the compitable version of ram.

C. Harddisk

Yes, You Can easily chage or upgrade your laptop harddisk. but may be there is some limitation of maximum storage. it depends on the laptop manufacturer. so, better before taking steps of upgradation look for the manual that is only prepare for your laptop model.

So, i hope you will get the answer that How to Upgrade a Laptop Processor.


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