How to Submit AdSense Tax Information for Youtube Channel

How to Submit AdSense Tax Information for Youtube Channel

Learn how to submit AdSense tax Information for Youtube Channel in this article. This is very simple and easy steps you need to complete in your AdSense account. AdSense recently announced that every youtuber who earns via google AdSense need to submit their tax information. this message is for all youtuber around the world. so, in Bangladesh you also need to submit this tax information.

How a Bangladeshi youtuber will submit AdSense tax information?

1st of all they need Tin Certificate. who does not have Tin certificate they must have to open a Tin certificate. if there is any minor youtuber earning money from adsense then they need to submit their parents Tin certificate.

2nd After getting Tin certificate go to the AdSense account settings option and then go to tax info option enter your tin certificate number. and follow the rest of the procedure showing in this video.


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