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December 7, 2023, 8:24 pm

How to make protein shake without blender

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How to make protein shake without blender
How to make protein shake without blender

Are you interested to know how to make protein shake without blender? In this article I will share a fantastic idea to do so. We always find the protein shake using blender. But if you have not any blender in any place, how you make it? Know about a good method of making protein shake without blender here.

Procedure Of Making Protein Shake Without Blender

All right so this is what we are doing today I’m gonna being sharing you the system how to make protein shake without blender. Okay, I don’t have any milk but pretty much. This is the best system of making protein shake without blender. And I always use it in my home. I got my little extra boost or post-workout.  All right so let’s get started so what we’re going to need is – peanut butter, a banana. You’ll favor protein powder because I don’t have any milk. But even if I did have milk I’d probably still use protein powder for the extra protein. We can throw in some oatmeal. But what do you do and a couple of eggs. These were like a hot commodity. Right here everybody wanted eggs when anybody has an exercise. This is like the go-to protein because this is like you know untouched. Now come to the point how to do this protein shake without any blender. First we’re going to start with the banana. Okay so it’s really nice to have a metal spoon in home.  I have both plastic spoons and metal spoons. Okay open that banana. Actually the best way to open a banana is at the bottom. So you pinch it and voila that’s how monkeys do it. Got your banana dropping into cup or break it. And then we’re going mix it. Okay mix it all mix it all up until it’s all like pudding. All right so you want your banana to be you know mashed up nice and consistent. It wasn’t going to be all the way mixed up. It’s not bad having a little bit of a banana chunks in your protein shake without blender. Right so the reason why I do banana first is so it’ll mix pretty easily with peanut butter. And you guessed it or maybe you didn’t. But the peanut butter is next. Okay so peanut butter is important because has a lot of natural shit in it its peanuts and got all kinds of stuff. And it is good for your hair, your nails. But the most important thing is it got proteins. So the more you put in there the more protein you’ll get right. Okay so in this case we’re just going do one big scoop. Okay so we mix it up with the banana. Now depending on how much peanut butter you put in it’s either going to come out really thick or pretty smooth. And in this case actually came out thick its fluff the best way to counter this is to add a little bit of milk or a little bit of water. Let’s make this a little bit less thick you don’t want this watery. Because when you mix the powder in the protein powder it’s not going mix very well. And you know in here we are not using any blender to make this protein shake. You want it to be a little thick but not freaking this more. So just add a little bit of water it’s better to add a little bit at a time doing too much. You put too much you can’t undo it unless you add more peanut butter on banana. All right so now it’s all it is thick but it’s pretty smooth at the same time. So this protein shakes without blander is like perfect texture. Okay this is perfect texture for mixing into powder because in all place we can’t have protein powder. I have powdered milk with me and I would use hot cocoa powder cocoa whatever for flavor. So this is the best way to mix in the dry stuff. Okay so just one serving size of your protein powder and you just mix it in. It always goes in a good system in this way without blander to make protein shake. If you add the powder into water sometimes it doesn’t mix well. So when you drink it you’ll get like clumps of powder. And this is the best way to avoid that all right so we came up after adding the powder and mixing it up. It’s going to mix better you’re going to give it a bottles freaking powder chunks and then to make it liquid again. We’re going to add more protein. Raw eggs y’all might be like good. You can also make protein shake without any blander by the help of raw eggs. You guess how much protein is in an average egg. Two eggs that are already contain 12 grams of protein. We added like a big a scoop of peanut butter which is probably like one.  There are probably about two servings and one serving here is like way seven grams of protein. So that’s another 26 grams of protein. And this fucking powder has too much protein.  Remember your body can only digest so much protein at one time. So you no need to go overboard with this. So we got the two eggs in there and we’re going to mix it all up. All right now check it out. It’s very nice and good protein shake without blander. It’s pretty liquid. But I think it’s still piled a little thick. The way to make it less thick is just add more water. Or if using milk you need to use milk later. It looks all nice and consistent. Oh yeah, let’s see how it tastes without blander.  This super creamy protein shakes without blander all that peanut butter I put in any place.  We can add more water mix it up and yeah check it out. Now it’s like a liquid drink and now the way you can easily make your protein shake without blander.  You can drink it to fulfill your body needs because it contains a lot of protein.  I make the protein shake with mixing the protein element with blender some times. And another sometimes I use this protein shake without blander in anywhere I cannot find any blander to mix up the elements. So how was my trick about How to make protein shake without blender? Leave a comment below.

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