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December 7, 2023, 7:35 pm

How to make protein shake taste good

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How to make protein shake taste good
How to make protein shake taste good

Do you want to know how to make protein shake taste good? everyone wants some special protein shake with a good taste. A good taste shake is not very hard to make which I am now giving you the method to make it.

Do you want to keep those muscles growing all summer long? I’m going to show you today how you can do just that with the perfect summer good taste protein shake. I’m going to put on my best chef hat without actually doing that. And to try to show you guys how to make a good tasting protein shake that maybe is even a little bit summer-inspired here. We’re going to make a good Protein Shake. So how do we do that? First and foremost, the base of which AthleanRX 2, this is our Post Workout Supplement Powder. Now we could use our RX 3 because again similarly it is a protein-based shake. But here, perfect Post Workout. I’m going to show you a really cool way to do it. What we need is just some milk, some yogurt, some mint, a lime, and we’re almost already there. And we need all of those to have a good taste protein shake. So, the yogurt that is Yoplait Greek Yogurt. What’s cool about this is, this itself, you can get at any supermarket, for the most part, has 13 grams of protein in it as well. And there are only 7 grams of sugar. So, this is a pretty good taste for this protein shake. So how do we do it? We start with our skim milk. Guys, I am not big into measuring, so yes, this has the measurements on it, but a cup, cup and a half, and it depends on how thick you want this to be. Then we start with our XLR8 One scoop. Now, you guys know XLR8 is much more than a protein powder. It is, as I’ve said to you guys before, the best one that’s on the market now, not just because I created it, but because I truly know what went into this. And I feel very comfortable recommending it for you and everyone. To learn how to make protein shake taste good you need to read more. Another protein shake might give you the same taste, but this is about more than just taste guys, this is about quality as well. So, we’re going with XLR8. We take our yogurt; I could be scooping this out a little bit better. As you guys see, I am no genius when it comes to the kitchen. But you don’t need to be, I promise you, you don’t. Get our lime, so what if it’s got yogurt on the top, that’s fine it’s all going to the same place. We’re going to squeeze a full lime into here. Get it all in there as much as you can. Ok. And then lastly have some fresh mint. Don’t go crazy guys, but a couple of leaves. Drop them in. And then, last thing, some ice. Again, depending upon how thick you want this to be. You can play around. If it’s not thick enough, add a little water later on but for now, about 5 ice cubes. Drop them in and we’re ready to go. There you go, Why not, right. Throw that in the top. There is your Mojito Protein Shake. Guys, I am telling you this stuff, it’s incredible. I swear to God, you feel like you’re cheating. So, there you have its guys. If you like the fact that we might mix in a few recipe videos from time to time, I’ll give you the good ones. I don’t believe in torturing yourself when it comes to taking your supplements. I think I’ve got this all over my mouth. I don’t believe in torturing yourself when you’re taking your supplements. Your supplements should taste good. AthleanRX comes in vanilla to allow you to create your own, you know, recipes, make your own flavors. This is a killer. If you want and you haven’t already tried AthleanRX guys, I’ve said it before, the best on the market right now for building muscle and doing it safely. Alright., We’ve talked all about in other videos why we went to such great extremes to make sure that what we put in here is exactly what we said, and to make sure that it was safe and to the world anti-doping recommendations and regulations. All because of the reason, we’re going to have these approved for Major League Baseball use. So, we want to make sure that the best of the best goes in here. So, you can now make a good taste protein shake with this AthleanRX powder. Mix the powder with good quantities of water. Or mix it with some milk and you now get its good protein shake taste.

Now I tell you another system of how do I make my protein shake tastes good. This system doesn’t need any AthleanRX powder. I want to let you know how I make my protein shakes with good taste. Now I find by far and away from the best way to make your good taste protein shake by using a window. What you do is you grab a cup. It’s a nice much. Rice is your one I like quite a lot. A lot of lights tends to make the protein shake a lot fluffier. And it gives it a bit more of a texture. So, we’ve got our ice now we’re going to put a bit of war in once again. The amount of water that you use is going to be up to your personal preference about how thick you want your protein shake. And how much flavor you want to have it from there grab your protein. So, all you use a combination of chocolate in Medina for getting a good taste protein shake. So, we’re going to go for one scoop of chocolate and then one screw. Right now, if you want to make your protein shake a little bit sweeter you can add a bit of sweet. I personally try then. Stay away from the artificial sweeteners. So, what I try and use is something like stevia. It is actually in natural sweetener and it comes from nature. Now I’m going to put a little bit more. We do put the lid on upon the blender and blend away a guy a couple of seconds. Now your protein shake is ready with good taste. This is also a very easy method of making a good tasting protein shake. So this is the answer of how to make protein shake taste good.

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