How to Know Your Broadband Internet speed

How to Know Your Broadband Internet speed

Do You know how you can check or how to know your internet speed? if not than read this article. here we will discuss about how you can check your internet speed and ensure that you are getting right internet speed for what you are paying for to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Method: 1

Search On Google By Typing “Internet Speed Test” You May See an Option Like “Run Speed Test”.

Method: 2

Go to And Select the Option “GO” To Run The Test. This Tool will show your internet speed. and also with your server location and name of your real ISP.

Method: 3

Go to A This is one of the best over the world for measuring the internet speed.

Although Internet Speed Test Results showing by those sites are not 100% accurate but they can give you an estimated idea which is accepted in today’s world.

So, According to present technology this is the 3 best way to know your broadband internet speed.

Before Checking Your Internet Speed Clear all your browser history and cookies. and restart your router. after checking your internet speed you are not satisfied with your speed than contact to your internet service provider to increase the speed of your internet.


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