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October 4, 2023, 12:29 pm

5 Best Pregnancy Exercises At Home For First Trimester

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5 Best Pregnancy Exercises At Home For First Trimester
5 Best Pregnancy Exercises At Home For First Trimester

Do you thinking for pregnancy exercises at home? During pregnancy period every women needs to ensure their physical fitness. physical fitness in this time is so important for you and your baby. but, this exercise does not mean any hard exercise. so many changes going to happen with you during your whole maternity time. all of your body will release the muscle to give a space for your baby. and for this major changes you also need to cooperate with your body. you need to do some soft exercise and making movement for some time. here i am going to tell you 5 best pregnancy exercises at home for first trimester.

Keep Moving At Your Home:

Always keep moving at your home. moving your body for regular activities like walking through the room, do some household task will help you to move your body.

Toes and Knees 45 Degree Parallel Exercise:

This one of the most effective exercise during pregnancy. this will help you to keep balance and control over your body. this exercise will increase the blood circulation within your toes and other parts of body. this exercise will also help your baby to get relax. try to lowering your knees as much as possible. but remember dont over exercise with your knees. you also need to be very careful during your any types of exercises.

Side Lying for thigh exercise up to 45 Degree:

side lying thigh exercise is one of the great pregnancy exercises at home. try this side lie position and make lift your thing up and down as much as possible. lifting ups and down your thigh will help you to reduce thigh pain. and you will fill stronger. just do this simple tips at your home.

Plank Exercise at home:

Yes, plank is little bit tougher than other exercise i have explained before. but, if you are in first trimester than this will not be tough for you. get down with your hands and release your body on your hands. touch your full wrist to the floor. and on the back make a straight line with your body. do not bend your butt or hips. just touch the floor with your toes. than lifting ups and down as much as possible.

One Arm Exercise:

Take a Chair or you can do this with any object that can hold you safely. just release your body on your one hands. and make some ups and down lifting with your body. this will help you to reduce your lower and upper back pain. you can also use 5 to 8 pounds weight on your other hand.

So, I hope this 5 best tips will help you to make you healthy and stronger during your pregnancy period. this 5 tips are the proven best hands free pregnancy exercises at home.

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