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October 4, 2023, 12:30 pm

VR New Way Of Entertainment। Virtual Reality Price in 2019 Bangladesh

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Virtual Reality VR Price
Virtual Reality VR Price

Are You Excited About Buying a VR Heatset? Did You Know The Virtual Reality Price in 2019 In Bangladesh? Ok Read this Article Full to Discover The Price. But Before That Do You Know About Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality VR is a three dimensional computer generated environment. as a human being whatever we are watching in real life by our eyes that is true reality. but when we are watching something near to that reality by the help of computer generated electronic device (VR Set) that is called virtual reality. after wearing a VR HeadSet on your eyes you will see something just like real world. suppose you are wishing to watch agra tajmahal. but at this moment this not possible for you to go physically Agra and visit tajmahal. because of there is so many things to consider to watch that tajmahal physically. like you have to arrange visa, you need to arrange money for your travel and also you have to manage time. althoug this is true that we can not compare the feelings of watching such a great monumnet agra tajmahal physically with virtual reality. but this Simple VR Set can atleast entertain you for some moment. and this amazing technology can help you to give the real life experience of visiting Tajmahal.

Virtual Reality Price in 2019

  1. Samsung Gear VR For Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 EDGE Plus, S7, S7 EDGE, Note5 Price is 7000 BDT
  2. GePRO VR 3D / iMAX Smart Glass private Theater Price is 3500 BDT
  3. Samsung Gear VR 2 Price 5000 BDT

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