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Online Education System। During this pandemic this is a big blessing for the world education system. Can we continue this after this pandemic? । TipsForWorld
December 7, 2023, 7:06 pm

Online Education System। During this pandemic this is a big blessing for the world education system. Can we continue this after this pandemic?

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Online Education System in Coronavirus
Online Education System in Coronavirus

In the history of last 100 years world never seen before this type of pandemic. From the poorest country to worlds most advanced country like America now under the pressure to handle this crisis. Worlds economy fallout by almost 10% all around the world in on average. Unemployment rate increased by almost 10%. In summery the whole world now in big economic crisis. Not only in economy, this massive pandemic affects our world education system. Almost every nation shutdown their school, college, and university to control the spread of this coronavirus. As a result, this could be a big education gap for the students if they can’t take their education via online. So, in this pandemic online education system is a blessing for education system. Almost all the country now using this online system for providing education to the students. At this moment we are realizing that the advantages of online education are more than its disadvantages. So, what could be the advantages and what could be the disadvantages of this online education system? In this article We will discuss those issue. And we will find the answer of that question “can we continue after this pandemic?

So, first of all we need to know what can we understand by online education system?

Providing education remotely via online using electronics technology is called online education. In this system teacher will teach his students from a remote place and students also learn his lesson from his own location. In this system no one need to come and meet with each other like traditional classroom. Teacher and students both can contact with each other, both can hear each other, and even both can see each other. So, when you started your online class you don’t feel that you are far from your teacher. This is basically online education system. Its not that online education is a new concept. In all around the world people are frequently using this online communication from many years. But we are now more focused on this issue because of this coronavirus pandemic. All around the world people are being locked at their home. They can’t go outside without any emergency. Because there is a self-safety issue.

So, what do you need to Join or attend in Online Class from your home?

  1. Laptop/Computer/Mobile Device/Tablet Etc.
  2. Microphone/Headphone
  3. Web Cam for computer. Etc.
  4. And of course, you must need an internet connection with good speed.
  5. Software Like (Zoom, Microsoft Team Etc.)

So, that’s the simple requirements for joining or attending in an online class.

So, how to join in an online classroom?

Step 1. Prepare all your equipment discussed above and get connected with internet.

Step 2. Download Zoom Software or Microsoft team software and then install it.

Step 3. Your teacher will send you a link via email or in other way. And go to that link. Before joining confirm from your teacher that what software your teacher using. Install that one. If you have installed that software after clicking on the link provided by the teacher you will get connected with your teacher. That it.

Now its time to know that, what are advantages and disadvantages of online education system.

First of all, let’s see some advantages of online education system:

  1. As a student you will save money of transport and extra food cost just because you are doing your class at home.
  2. As a student you are saving your lots of valuable time just because you do not need to go for receiving class. And you can use those time in other valuable purpose. In few countries traffic jam is just a name of time killer. So, basically you are not making traffic jam and you are not fall in traffic jam just because you are at home. And you are doing class from home.
  3. On the other hand, in some cases receiving class from home is also cost efficient. You may need to pay less than the normal fees for class you have to paid for.
  4. On the other side, taking class from anywhere is time saving, cost saving and economical for the teacher as well. So, students and teacher both will get the same facilities in online education system. And teacher is also making money from their own places just for taking class. So, for teacher this is like earning from home facilities.
  5. Beside this in online education system all other task in the education can be done easily like assignment, taking attendance, everything necessary is possible here.

So, we have given lots credit to this online education system now let’s find out the disadvantages of online education system.

  1. Internet problem can be happened at anytime
  2. Electricity or power backup can fall at any moment
  3. Privacy can be hampered accidentally.
  4. Environment control can also be a big challenge here in online education system.
  5. Teacher can only see the face of his students but what actually students are doing is not possible to understand by teacher.
  6. Teacher can take attention to all his students at a time.
  7. And chances of ignoring in any parts of lecture is highly common for some unconscious students.

So, for now these are the problem have been found in my observation.

At the end I can say that, although it has some disadvantages but in overall observation online education is very effective comparing all other advantages. In my opinion world can go to this education now. And we can improve this system day by day to overcome those disadvantages. But undoubtedly, situation like coronavirus teaches us to find alternative. And we are now use to in online education system by using it from last 5 months. So, we can say online education system is a blessing for all of us. We should continue this in future.

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