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October 4, 2023, 12:17 pm

How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery

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How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery
How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery

Do You Want to know how to take care of your laptop? if you are thinking about your laptop battery life and interested to increase your battery life than this article will help you by giving some tips to increase your battery life.

Be careful about liquid:

take away all the liquid like tea, coffee, drinks, water etc from your laptop. this are seriously harmful for your laptop. liquid can damage the micro electronics inside of your laptop. so, prevent this types of accident always use a plastic crystal cover over your laptop. remember laptop battery also can be effected by liquid.

Use Energy Saving Mode:

Always use energy saving mode. this are so important for your laptop battery. it will helps to release extra battery charge. as a result you dont have to give charge more.

Keep You Laptop in Right Temperature:

Always keep your laptop in right temperature. use cooler for your laptop. cooler can prevent your laptop from excess heating. and try to use room temperature in between 16 to 28 degree Celsius.

Disconnect Your Power Plug When You Are Not Using:

If you are not using your laptop than disconnect your power plug. if you continuously charging your laptop than this can also damage your battery.

So, i hope you have get some idea about how to take care of your laptop. i hope this will helps to protect your laptop.

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