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October 4, 2023, 12:35 pm

How To Overcome Smartphone Addiction in 2022

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Smartphone Addiction is a serious problem for new generation. to know how to overcome smartphone addiction read this article. smartphone makes our life easier and faster. now a days we cant imagine our life without smartphone. using of this smartphone is not obviously a problem. but, here we are discussing about over use and addiction over smartphone.

To Realize Yourselves That You Are Smartphone Addicted or Not Check The Following Symptoms With Your Life Given Below:

Smartphone Addiction Symptoms:

  1. If You are Spending More Than 5 Hours daily on the Phone.
  2. In Time of using your phone you are not realizing your passage of time.
  3. Getting angry when your phone does not responding faster or not working as per your demand.
  4. Checking your Phone multiple time within a minute where no call or no notification is coming also.
  5. Sleeping with Phone
  6. Using Your Phone Over the night.

If You Feel that your situation is almost same like those symptoms than you are also addicted to smartphone. this is very injurious for your mental and physical health.

So, Here is some easiest way to overcome this smartphone addiction.

Best Ways To Overcome Smartphone Addiction:

  1. Try to Set a Fixed time to Daily Use Of Phone For Entertainment Purpose. Like Playing Games, Watching Movie, Surfing Internet.
  2. Try to stop using your phone in some situation like taking meal, reading books, in meeting etc.
  3. Turn of your smartphone notification. this will help you not to concentrate again again in your phone.
  4. Do some physical exercise and practice deep breathing exercise. this will help you to make your relax.
  5. Delete certain apps that consuming your lots of time.
  6. instead of using and passing time with mobile choose a hobby like travelling or cycling etc.
  7. Delete your mobile history and old chats.
  8. turn of your internet connection when you are working or doing some important task.

So, hopefully this simple steps will help you to get overcome from smartphone addiction.

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