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October 4, 2023, 1:26 pm

How to make protein shake without protein powder

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How to make protein shake without protein powder.
How to make protein shake without protein powder.

Do You Want to know how to make protein shake without protein powder? If yes, then this article is for you. I am here to teach you about making protein shake without powder.

I’m sharing this article a very super protein shake recipe without protein powder. This protein shakes help us to put on our muscle while still weight losing. And it also gives us a huge amount of energy. And it propels us through our own workouts. I’m here will go deep into the science about my choice of protein shakes ingredients. And then you will understand about each item in this shake why these are so useful for your health. This method teaches you how you can make protein shake without protein powder. This protein shake without powder recipe is a complete meal green smoothie. When you drink this for breakfast and potentially also for lunch you will satisfy your sweet tooth reduce cravings and eliminate hunger. These proteins shake dramatically increasing your energy levels. If you want to get started by making your first protein shake recipe without powder. Now in our current world the full world is busy with protein powder apart from my thinking. And I think all of you are have great interest about to know this high protein shake recipe without protein powder. Because I and many others don’t believe that protein powders are good for our health. Science respects my opinion too. I’ve also put many and many protein powders for the testing purpose. And I always face a lot of digestive discomfort in past. That is why I’ve been experimenting with most of natural high protein shakes for years. Now this is my latest creation of protein shake give us complete meal. And I usually drink it two times a day and five days a week. I saw some major muscle developing all of my body using this protein shake which was really exciting. I still wouldn’t say my protein intake is high probably around 20% of my diet. It gave me a good effect on my health and energy powers.

Process of making protein shakes without protein powder

This homemade protein shape does a great job of providing a good amount of protein plus all the micro-nutrients needed for your entire meal. And for the reason I choose quite random ingredients in this protein shakes. Must keep in mind all of the ingredients are whole foods. There are no protein powders and expensive processed foods. Some ingredients are not very common. So I am showing you the ingredients you need to have that keep the protein. All are selected with a great health benefit in mind. All daily nutrients in this smoothie have a good amount of protein. This protein shake without protein powder contains a whopping 32 grams of protein. And 15 grams fat, 105 grams carbs. I don’t believe low carb is enough to have all nutrients that our body needs. We have to include good amount of carbs in our shake. This protein non protein powder shake is quite high in calories. You can drink it in breakfast or launch. You don’t need to snack. And you are only being eating healthy and good foods. This high protein shake is very healthy. And you could literally live on this alone. And you meet every single one of your health needs. With this smoothie you have met your Omega threes and sixes for the day. There is almost a hundred grams of protein for the whole day. What are the ingredients in this high protein shake. The liquid base is made up from green tea which doesn’t really alter the taste. And there’s good amount of calories in this. But massive amounts of antioxidants disease preventative compounds improved brain function and fat loss. If you don’t want to use tea just use plain water and it won’t affect the smoothie at all. There is also a large amount of spinach in this smoothie. Because I believe leafy greens are the healthiest food on the planet. It is also backed up by science. And this is one of the reasons why this smoothie is so high in all of the essential nutrients. I see this ingredient as absolutely essential. Without it you will be severely lacking in nutrients. I chose spinach because you can get it most places. It’s relatively cheap. It’s one of the healthiest leafy greens. And you can’t taste it in smoothies. So if you can get over the appearance of a green drink you won’t notice the taste. Even the green color can be changed by adding more dark berries to the smoothies. The amount of spinach contained in one serving of this recipe. It gives you half of the foliate and vitamin C needed in one day. And also gives all of your vitamin A and vitamin K for one day. Plus many other nutrients the banana is there for sweetness to provide calories. And it provides a range of nutrients and thickness to the smoothie. All berries are the second healthiest food group on the planet. It provides massive amounts of nutrients and antioxidants. So no smoothie would be complete without them. Berries are shown to decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. Among many other benefits I chose raspberries for this smoothie. These contain the highest protein. And they tasted delicious. The raspberries in this smoothie will give you half of the vitamin C. It is needed for the day. And in actual fact the whole smoothie gives you four times the vitamin C required in one day. It is great for boosting the immune system. You prefer beans it is nice. Beans are actually the superstar of this smoothie. I put beans in smoothie two reasons. One, It dramatically boosts the protein in the smoothie by almost 10 grams. You’re also getting a good amount of essential fatty acids. It helps with hormones. Studies have shown that beans actually give lower blood pressure. And it protects against diseases and increase the quality and duration of your life pretty amazing. I can’t understand why anybody would choose to use a protein powder in this protein shake. Protein powder contains very similar calories and protein. But none of the other nutrients you can get by eating whole foods. There are a million and one reasons why I don’t like protein powder too much. I believe they are a health destroying ingredient not the health promoting ingredient. This smoothie without protein powder is just as fast to make as a protein shake that you add ingredients. If you struggle to digest beans, then blending these up in a smoothie. Actually pre digests these to make it easier for your body to digest. Just make sure you drink your protein shake as slow as you would a normal meal to prepare your stomach for digestion. I do really hope this knowledge will help you to plan nutritious high protein shake without powder in the future.

Now come to the process of this high protein shake recipe without protein powder. The ingredients you need – 1 cup of green tea or water, 4 cups of spinach. And it needs 1 banana or if you don’t like banana you could use half a cup of mango. It actually provides more nutrition such as vitamin C. And it provides 1 or even half a cup of sweet potato. It provides similar calories but more vitamins A. And will provide a similar level of pre- thickness. And then it provides sweetness half a cup of raspberries or any other berries. Take Two tablespoons of raisins or Stevia or Erythritol to taste. Take Quarter of a cup of red cabbage. And this is optional 1/2 a cup of beans such as Edamame or any other white beans. Take 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds, flax seeds or walnuts. Take 1/2 an inch chunk of turmeric or a quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Take 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast. It is optional. Take 1 tsp of fresh or powdered ginger. Take 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Take 1 tablespoon of carob powder. Then take 1 tablespoon of Mesquite powder which is also optional. Then add the water and green to the blender. Then blend until the greens are submerged in the water. It takes just a couple of seconds. Next add the rest of the ingredients and blend for one to two minutes until smooth. I usually blend mine for two minutes with a high speed blender. Because I’m using hard ingredients and I don’t like my smoothies freezing cold. I’m also feeling amazing from all of the added greens. I now include 240 grams of spinach in each smoothie. Wow, now our special protein shake is ready without powder! I use frozen spinach most of the time as it is so much cheaper and then I can afford to pack in loads of spinach into this protein shake. This is my high protein shake recipe I use without protein shake powders.  So I hope you got the idea about how to make protein shake without protein powder.

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