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October 4, 2023, 1:36 pm

How to make protein shake with water

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How to make protein shake with water
How to make protein shake with water

Are you searching for how to make protein shake with water? If yes then this article is for you. Protein shakes can be used with many of objects. But here we know how it use with water and also gives good taste.

Hey guys I want to share a quick and very important article with you. You learn here about a special protein shake with water. And after learning it you can easily make it in your own home. This is a very super easy process. And this process also has a lot of healthy benefit. In this process I will tell you about how much water should you use to mix your whey protein shake. I mean you know we talk about the supplements of protein shake. And also tell about many different products about making the protein shake. Anyway I am giving you a good lesson about using water with protein shake. How you can use it with protein or whey protein shake. And I’m going to do about two scoops of whey in very little water primarily. Now I make it by using whey protein.

And it gives a lot of energy in many ways.  You don’t want too much of fluid in your stomach with the way. In this case you know water being the diluents that you will use to mix the way. So if you can make out in my fast enough shaker bottles, then you can know how about two scoops of excess way. I use right this excess way. Some of you might use any other product anyway. So coming back to the topic how much water should you use. I see guys in the gym who after their workout will mix for just one scoop about you know close to maybe 500 600 ml of water with their whey protein shake. I mean the thing is if you really want to enjoy the taste of your whey protein personally for me what about for me?

I like making sure that my whey protein mix its pretty thick having said that if you are somebody who is using a product. Which doesn’t mix with little amount of water? By little I mean for one scoop generally 150 ml of water maximum. Here max 200 ml is enough right only if you are using a product like casein like pure casein. Then you might need to use more water. But whatever casein you can even culprit down if it’s a little semi solid or jelly like. But for way I have noticed a lot of people use quite a bit of water. Whey proteins generally undergo a process called instant ization during the manufacturing what that essentially is that the granules of the whey protein along with the different ingredients. That they use are so fine and so spherical that if you need very little diluents or water to mix with this. So you guys might be saying that’s crap you know. It doesn’t mix with that little amount of water.

So what I’m going to do is I’m just going tell you guys how much whey is actually there. How much water need with this whey protein. So this is as per this is close to about 175 ml in volume for two scoops of whey. I’m going to mix exactly 150 ml of water for two scoops of whey. So it’s almost 300. All right so this is about 150 ml of water. So if you guys think I’m bullshitting you can make out that’s the water. And that’s the way so literally taken the same amount of water as the quantity of whey protein. And you must need this quantity of water with whey protein shake. Okay now I’m not crapping. I’m going shake this maybe at the most five to seven times. I see people in the gym who are shaking their shaker bottle light you know. And it looks kind of funny. And they’re at it for like at least a minute. And when I ask them why they’re doing that? They told me with funny speech that doesn’t mix with the water too much good whey protein genuine products. They say to not need so much of mixing to mix the whey and water. Okay so again I haven’t mixed it yet it is just water. It’s just wait so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Now you can make out that most of it is mixed right. So I’m just going to give it a little few shakes. And it should mix up. Maybe I should have taken a little more water.  But you get my point. So as you can see most of it is pretty mixed and this is pretty thick as well. But here’s the thing you do not need to make so much water. That’s the bottom line for at least one scoop 150 ml of water is enough. I kind of went a little overconfident today. And for two scoops I used maybe 150 or 170 ml of water didn’t mix thoroughly. I’ll probably need another 50 ml but good products with from genuine manufacturers and good brands which have been manufactured using all the right methods do not need so much water to mix. So in this way you can make good whey protein shake with water. So something for you guys to keep in mind I like my way to be thick.

That’s why I use less water with my whey protein shake. And if you guys prefer it the same way try with lesser quantities of water. It is only if you feel you need a little more splash and dash to mix it go for it.  Otherwise you must mix it up for about 4 or 500 ml of water. It really messes up your appetite as far as dinner is concerned. So there’s something I’ve always observed in the gym. I’ve never seen people talk about it. And I think you get enough idea about how to make a best protein shake with water. And I also think you guys just have a good week with my super whey protein shake formula with water. So, I hope you have understood that how to make protein shake with water.

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