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October 4, 2023, 1:41 pm

How to make protein shake taste better

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How to make protein shake taste better
How to make protein shake taste better; protein shake taste better;

Are you interested to know how to make protein shake taste better? If yes, then read this article carefully. Protein shake which can give you a better taste in your first expectation. Let’s make a recipe about how to make a better taste protein shake.

If you like chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas these articles for you to have great protein shake taste better. I am telling you the systems in my article about how to make protein shake taste better. Oh, what is it? And it’s this simple peanut butter, cocoa powder protein shake smoothie which gives you a better taste. And now I am ready to do this super protein shake taste better.

Process of making protein shake taste better

It helped me to lose my own weight very well. It is not the reason I’m losing weight. But it’s helped me lose weight and it fills me up. And I make it in the morning. And this protein shake taste is pretty amazing for what it is. All right, let’s talk about ingredients. You need some chocolate protein powder, or you could use vanilla. I love chocolate, so a protein powder, with not a lot of sugar in it, ideally. Cause sugar is bad. You need some cocoa, regular cocoa. And I don’t have any but some vanilla. What about you in this case? Do you usually use vanilla? It will help sort of with the flavor. But in the case of bananas, you have to need one or more bananas. And you need also unsweetened almond or coconut milk or soy milk. And you need also something that has very low sugar or no sugar in it. Sugar is not good for you when you’re trying to lose weight because it makes you eat more food. So then, why you need cocoa? Cocoa doesn’t have any sugar in it. All right, let me walk you through the recipe. Some people say you need a frozen banana, if you’re gonna freeze your bananas, don’t freeze them whole as I did. You don’t do it because it is really very hard to peel when it’s frozen. You can use frozen bananas. I was like, is it worth it? I’m not quite sure what it does, but my buddy freezes the bananas, I get sometimes just peel the bananas and it works just fine, okay. One or more bananas and you just cut these up, into the blender of your home. Then you want to scoop of your protein powder. None of these has to be perfect, we’re not going to the moon here, you know. You know roughly 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, like that. I love peanut butter. You need to take two tablespoons of peanut butter. And then you need to take unsweetened peanut butter. Now okay. So, it is, in other words, a natural peanut butter. And then you get to lick the spoon. I remember licking the spoon when my mum would make chocolate chip cookies. That was too much good to taste.  Little cinnamon, cinnamon supposedly has these anti-oxidant kinds of qualities. Now in my protein shake which tastes better, we need a quarter teaspoon, or I just got put some in, like that. Again, it’s made it what you want; this is something to be nutritious. But fill you up and not have a lot of sugar, not a lot of carbs. Bananas don’t have a lot of sugar? Oh, yes. They have some natural sugar. These bananas give a better taste in my protein shake. The caveat here is, I’m not a dietician on a nutritionist, I’m just a guy making a smoothie, and it works for me. Now you need one cup of almond or coconut or mix. It’s like shake it up, be sure to shake it up. There you go. So, to mix this all together, you can use a regular old blender, or you can use one of these new blenders. I’ve broken two blenders, making these shakes, because I guess the banana nut is kind of hard for it to mix together. Plus, also I got these blenders at like a yard sale, so they were used already.  And if you’re using like frozen berries and stuff and ice, you need something kind of like a notch above your garage sale blender. So, I got this one, it wasn’t cheap, but it got me to making more smoothies and being a little healthier. I just used it also to make my protein shake taste better. It’s kind of nice because you can buy multiple containers and the containers have a smoothie drink types, you could take this to work or go jogging, you know, or it has a little like coffee mug kind of drink thing. But anyway, so I’ll link to the one I use below. You can get what you want that’s really up to you. The regular blender jars are a pain to clean because they have little ridges in them and stuff. This is much easier. So, this, the blender part, just screws on here. There’s a little mark on here, you’re not supposed to go up a certain fill level. That’s its max. Yeah, so this poppy goes over, it makes a little bit of noise when blending. Now, wait for the time of blending and blending. The bananas are stuck here, hold on. There’s a right way to add all the ingredients so that it doesn’t get stuck up there. But with the regular blender, the ridges all kept the cocoa powder in them and stuff. And boom now you’re done with having a better taste protein shake. So, you can read the papers, surf the web, and walk your dogs by taking the better taste protein shakes.  And it looks like just the way we imagined. That’s like breakfast, and then you have this batter taste shake. You shouldn’t eat again until tomorrow. Yeah, I am taking this better taste protein shake in my dinner or breakfast. I don’t want sound like a crazy smoothie evangelist, because we know what that’s like. But, it’s not bad really you know. It is really having a super tasty shake. So, I hope you have understood how to make protein shake taste better.

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