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How A Robot Can Replace Human in 2020। Now Robot Can Feel The Sense Of Touch । TipsForWorld
December 7, 2023, 8:14 pm

How A Robot Can Replace Human in 2020। Now Robot Can Feel The Sense Of Touch

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robot can touch
robot can touch

Does You Believe that one day robot will rule the world? Is it possible that a Robot can replace human being? We don’t need the answer but the answer of this question becoming more complex by the innovation of modern science. Every day human brain develops some new innovation and implementing it on robot. May be in near future robot will work just like a human being in the same office. Maybe you will see that one of your office colleagues is a robot. Yes, these days are not so far.

By the technology of artificial intelligence robot now can hear you, can reply your any question. Robot now can converse with human being just like another human being. They can join in any conversation. Robot can understand the situation. Robot can imagine happy, sad, etc. but they can’t feel happiness, sad.

And according to very new invention now robot can feel the sense of touch. That means now they can say what they are touching. Robot can walk, can run can move anywhere. And can work faster than human being. So, this is very much possible that in near future they will take the place of many important position like accountant, record keeper, administration and management level position. They don’t need rest they don’t need food. They don’t have any family and emotional relation. So they can work continuous period of time. so, we can easily say that in work area Robot can replace a human for some specific task.

How Robot will feel the taste of Touch:

According to very recent innovation some scientist invented that a pieces of silicon can take the place of human softer skin. Scientist attached some semi conductor and circuit with the silicon and they have find out that by the advancement of this technology robot can get the sense of feeling touch.

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